Another Thursday (this one is freeeezing!) and another #getmessyartjournal week! Much of this weeks pages were inspired / use elements from the spray painting workshop I went to a few weeks ago at medium in Leeds. I LOVED this workshop and am planning to return soon for some festive craftiness :) 

Marble Stripe 

The page on the right I had collaged together ages ago when I had a spell of nail varnish marbling and I just couldn't quite complete it... so this week I paired it with strips of spray painted paper and felt tip stripes. I live the kind of beachy, seventies vibe I get from this... 

- collage, magazine, marbling, felt tip & spray paint

Stencil Bomb 

The left hand page has my stencils on that I created in the medium workshop and the right hand page is one of the pieces I completed there. I didn't want to waste anything I created and this page looks pretty good considering it scraps! 

- collage, stencil & spray paint

Spray Painted Silver 

This page is just layers and layers of spray paint, with some stencilling thrown in. I am currently completely obsessed with spray paint, I think it's driving my boyfriend nuts... 

- spray paint on white paper

White Hot 

This is a quote I found last week and really related to so wanted to cement in my journal.

' I began to realise how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be ' Roald Dahl 

- acrylic on roller, collage & ink 

I hope you have enjoyed the first week of Novembers art journal, check out my Pinterest and Instagram for more crafty inspiration and life titbits from me :) As well as the #getmessyartjournal hashtag across social media to see everyone else's entries! 

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