It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... (in the form of home-made cards)

- gouache & spray paint 

- gouache, white marker pen & spray paint 

- gouache & spray paint 

- gouache, white marker pen & spray paint  

- gouache & spray paint

- gouache & white marker pen

I got really into making my Christmas cards this year, I honestly had a blast on Sunday doing this! My favourite is the overliad spray paint as it looks like snow, but I am also fond of a little festive fuschia! ;)



So even though get messy is changing and evolving (check out Lauren and Caylee's blogs for more info) I and many other get messyians have decided to keep up our regular Thursday postings. It's a habit I absolutely love and because I make myself carve out the time for it, my creative soul is happy :) Olsen Marble

Olsen Marble 

I think this is one of my favourite pages I've created I a long, long time. This image is everything and teamed with the cut outs and marbled pieces, it just make my eyes happy :)

- collage, potato print & nail varnish marbling


This is a collaged piece using a photograph I brought at a vintage fair (there was a bundle and I live them all- is it weird?!) along with magazine imagery, a new home card I received this summer and some final scraps of laser cutting from my uni days! The right hand page was made during a glue shortage so I used acrylic instead.. Works pretty well and I love the blue against the smoggy sky!

- laser cut, collage & acrylic

It's not me, it's you

An homage to Lily Allen. True love. 

- ink, watercolour, felt tip, tea stain & collage 

Somewhere only we know

These little penguins were from an advert for Austria and I've given them a new home here with a new bird friend and other collaged pieces. I love penguins and it often surprises me that they don't appear more in my sketchbook work! 

- collage & watercolour 


Ok, I am not a neat or organised person but, sometimes in life I force myself to be these things out of neccesaty. That and I share my home with a neat person :O

Since my college days I have been collecting (hoarding) magazine pages, fabric and random elements of my work in these orange ring binders.

It always helped when I had a new brief set and now that I have started to create in my sketchbooks / art journals again for the get messy programme, I find myself re discovering the joy of keeping everything neat(ish) and organised in here. 
I am a messy worker... 

But aren't all creatives?! 

I like to think lots of other people are similar to me but let me know in the commentts, also let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions as to how I could organise all of my journaling and art things! 


This is a classic blogger / vlogger format and I thought I would get involved! November seems to of flown by for me and these are the moments and things that have stood out for me this month... 

001: Solange Knowles 

I am not a weddings type person but I am completely obsessed with Solange's wedding, and hair, and bike, and husbands gold toed shoes..... TOO COOL 

002: Malin + Goetz

This cruelty free cleanser has been in my travel bag since the summer (thank you ELLEUK magazine for the freebie!) and every time I go away I notice how much nicer my skin behaves. It could well become a full sized product purchase soon! 

003: The new get messy art journal! 

Get Messy is becoming a full-fledged art journaling extravaganza and you're invited to the party! We listened to your emails and comments and the Get Messy that you know and love is growing and evolving into an art journaling program. It is for anyone who is a curious beginner or a seasoned artist. There will be prompts, linkups, tutorials, accountability, and resources. And our glorious GM community. Hop over to Lauren or Caylee's blog for more information and make sure you sign up for the Get Messy Newsletter to be the first to know when the program launches and to receive free prompts to work on through the holidays.  

Get excited. Because we're about to Get Messy.


004: Hometime 

This weekend I have been at home with my family (parents, brother, cats) and I am enjoying every bit of lazing around and watching films: Love Actually, The Italian Job, Tangled ..... Is it Christmas yet?! 

005: American Horror Story

The freak show series is currently showing in the UK and I LOVE it! My boyfriend recently bought a chrome cast which I have been told means I can now watch Netflix, aka, the other previous series of AHS and complete my transformation as fully fledged uber fan! 

Let me know in the comments your November favourites :) :)