Our latest prompts from get messy have been my absolute favourite since I started the programme.. ! 

Challenge #1:

Journal prompt: If I were queen...
Art Prompt: Make your own stamp to create a background for your royal decrees. Use anything you can find and dip it in paint or ink or make a reusable stamp

If I were queen... my ruling would be pets in the workplace
(specifically cats but I will settle for greyhounds too...) 

My stamp is made from a cut out in cardboard and I gouached the little black and white fur through this. I wanted to emphasise the joy, security, familiarity and happiness you get from pets and animals which I why I chose bright rainbow prints to surround the cats! ^_^

- gouache & felt tip 

Challenge #2
Journal prompt: Make a blackout poem like Austin Kleon does (see his work and examples here) using a magazine article, newspaper, an old book page or any other writings you can find.
Art prompt: If your blackout poem doesn't cover your entire page, paint a background by using a splatter technique with a paintbrush. Load up water and paint on your brush, hold the brush above your page, then tap the brush with your other hand to create random splatters of paint.

My poem reads: 

imagination is the bright white life you love

It almost makes sense and I quite like that aspect of it. It's not quite there, not quite complete and a little lost. I think this all goes with it's aesthetics of being a blackout poem. This was an absolute joy to create.. I really thought about it and it felt strangely threaputic to black out the rest of the article. I plan to do many more! 

- gouache 

- watercolour

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  1. Gorgeous! I lie that you used paint in your blackout poem. Meow!