The focus of this weeks prompts was using things around the house, that we usually wouldn't use (or think to use!) in our art journalling. It was a fun challenge although I was a little uninspired so I think some of things I used were quite predictable but...  I was happy with my pages! I also plan to have a little stalk around the other get messy girls to see if I can be inspired that way too ;) 

- ink, bleach & stamps

inspired by the general election happening in the U.K right now. 

I often think about other countries where women have less rights and am eternally grateful for the people who died in order for women to have the right to vote in England. 
It wasn't that long ago and I think it should be celebrated more openly. 
'Brave is'
- ink, bleach & pen

Brave is going somewhere no one has ever been before. This is my little shout-out to space... 

a fellow get-messier this week introduced me this website, where you can download any picture taken from the Hubble telescope. 
Space fascinates me and I actually wanted to be an astronaut for years (until i realised how strong the link with science was...) 
Going into space must of been amazing for those first people who did it. I would love to go one day and see our world from a new perspective. 
'Flower Power'
- matches, felt tip & collage
'Floral folk'
- watercolour

As part of the season of brave, I am trying to push my boundaries in the way I art-journal. 

This is perhaps the first page I have ever done that is just a watercolour (with a little bit of text).
The flowers were inspired by a picture I saw a few months ago. It is a house in Poland covered in flowers like this, all painted by the woman who lives there.
For some reason this reminded me of home and I have dedicated this page to my grandma.
She is one of my favourite people on this earth and because I live away, I don't get to see her much.
It breaks my heart but I know it is what is best for me... I like that the flowers are simple, classic and rural.. that's the link to her. 
- collage, watercolour, ink & bleach  


  1. I love the matches in the collage! cool idea!

    1. Thanks Kate! I have been collecting burnt out matches for about 2 months and needed to do something with them! ;)