So last year, something big and grown up happened to me. I brought a house. This was one of those moments when you can't quite believe whats happening, because... shouldn't a grown up be doing all of this?! Anyway, it was pretty stressful and mature and scary so as an antidote to this, me and my boyfriend (the polar bear) booked a trip to Japan. Obviously. 

Japan - Tokyo - has been on my bucket list for so long! I remember watching Americas next top model when I was about 14 (shout out to Norelle who was my fave) when the contestants went to Tokyo and I just knew it was the place for me. Add to this my undying love of stationary, city life and Studio Ghibli.... I'm pretty sure it will be my own version of Disneyland. 

We fly to Tokyo in ONE WEEK and I am beyond excited / cant believe it's really real. I know people who have been before but thought I would reach out to this little corner of the internet to see if anyone has any tips for flying long haul or visiting Japan?! We are staying in Harajuku with an overnight stop (via bullet train!!!) to Kyoto. 

I have been stalking Tokyo-centered blogs for the past few months, so if you are in a similar position and find yourself here, the following have been my favorite.

wishwishwish - mainly for the imagery! 

the private life of a girl - I'm a big fan of Sophie's blog usually and her descriptions and images of her time in Tokyo are beautiful, simple and inspiring
in the frow - if you want a real-life feel ! Also good for facts, before watching this I didn't realize a lot of onsen's will not let you in if you are tattooed. 
somethingrealserious - Ollyvia will show you the parts of the city that no-on else will. Unexpected billboard beauty? Supermarket noodle selection? The colours, the feel and the tone are all spot on here and I'm kinda obsessed! 

So it's sayonara from me for now.. wish me luck.. 

and check back here and my instagram for updates on the trip! 


  1. super envious! I know you will have a blast. I'll be stalking your IG feed xo

    Go here and get your fortune in the temple, you shake some rune sticks and it will tell you your fortune ;,_Tokyo

  2. You must be so excited!!!!! There's just nothing like the anticipation of a trip to somewhere new. I feel like I've taken a billion long haul flights - what kind of tips do you need?! Xx

    1. I am BEYOND Delaney!!! :D I need all the tips please, absolutely anything you can think off... what's good to take on the plane, jet lag etc etc, honestly, anything will be of use to me! Thank You! :)