This was the hardest theme for me since joining Collage Club.
I am not a very flowery person, apparently. Whilst looking through my treasure troves of ephemera I couldn't find much to inspire me. I ended up using more images I had either drawn or photographed myself, as well as scans of my jewelry and scarfs. Because of this, my images have a bit of nostalgia to me and I find myself liking them more and more...  

- collage, photography, washi tape, scans & photoshop

I saw this quote a while ago, I can't remember where but I wrote it down in my art journal because it resonated with me somehow, The door is from a photograph I took roughly 6 years ago in my hometown. I went through a phase when I was younger of documenting things about my life and this was a house I walked past one day and felt really drawn to. I like the colours that compliment one another in this page as well as the sense of wondering. 
The missing, reflections, a closed door... 

Lemon Roses
- collage, drawing, scans & photoshop

I like this picture of the vintage couple because she looks like she is on her way to a wedding and him, a funeral. 
I wanted to dress up the page like a scene - scarf sky and roses foreground. The drawn foliage takes over half of the page to bring itself to your main attention!  

Raise your words
- collage, scans & photoshop

This quote I found whilst looking for floral inspiration on pinterest. I think it classes as words to live by for sure. I like this page a lot because out of the three, 
it looks the most modern and crisp. Which is a bit different from my normal style.


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