I always enjoy regular round up posts (Lauren Conrad, Cupcakes and Cashmere & Hannah Gale are some of my favourites) so have decided to try and join that bloggers club! Weekly seems a bit much for me to start off with, so I am aiming for monthly highlights. Here's to September.... 

1) A new 100 day project

This summer I joined what seemed like all of instagram for a 100 day project! The guise is simple, post a picture every day, around a subject. My subject was happy colour and I blogged about my experience here. I decided to start a new 100 day project in September on the 23rd, as it was 100 days until the end of 2015 and it seemed like a nice, round way to end the year. Keeping within my theme of "found" imagery I created 100 days of happy pattern! 
I update my instagram daily so follow me if you want to see the progress :) 

2) Lisbon and the last remnants of summer !

3) London for design week and seeing friends

I walked 5400263 miles around three different design shows as well as visiting the Serpentine Pavilion - a giant prismatic installation aka my new favourite thing and then spent the weekend with my friends. One of those being Lauren, my crafty get messy sister! 

4) Oscar fluffing up for winter

Winter coats on animals. It doesn't get better than this.

5) Rebecca's post on enjoying Autumn 

I am a Negative Nancy when it comes to all things winter so reading her post dedicated to the beauty of autumn cheered me up and has made me reinforce my dedication to being more positive about the cold seasons this year! 

I'll be back in a month for October highlights :) 


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