I discovered WITL (week in the life) through Lauren's blog post on it at the end of August. I like the idea of documenting life and it's something I used to do a lot as a teenager. I loved to take pictures of really mundane things with my dads film camera; 
The view from my bus stop, my bedroom, how I sat watching films, my cats paws, my nans china teacups... but it's something that I lost as I got older and documenting daily life just became highly edited and instagramable.

I decided to take part in WITL but I wanted to do it my own way. 

I made the decision to focus on small elements of life and to document them through illustration. I am trying to improve my drawing and develop / find my style so this challenge was a good kick and incentive! 

A few snapshots from the week .... 

I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be cool to document other weeks during the year. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this going but the aim right now is a week every other month

I also wanted to open up my list of what I'll be drawing to see if anyone else would like to join in? These prompts will create different responses for everyone and everyone will have a different way of documenting. Photography, drawing, writing.. whatever. That's what I am excited to see. 
So - for the week of October 19th - 25th I'll be drawing the following aspects of life right now, for me. I'll be posting on instagram and I'd love it if you would join in! 

Monday: This is the view from my desk
Tuesday: What I ate for tea
Wednesday: From where I stand
Thursday: What I read today
Friday: My happy place today
Saturday: What I dreamt about last night
Sunday: Who I saw today

I'll be using the hashtag #projectdoodleweek and hope to see your weeks there too! 




  1. Oh Julia I love this, your drawings say so much. I also love photographing the 'mundane' and think I had a bit of a cat paw fetish at one time - they're just so cute aren't they? xx

  2. I'm so in!! I've been doing it almost every day for a month now but mainly as a highlight of the day. I want to do the prompts and see others participate!!!