I've taken part in an amazing project. Get Messy x UNCHR is a collaborative magazine featuring artwork from the get messy art journal group, all around the theme of humanity. We wanted to come together and make art for the syrian crisis. All proceeds from this magazine will go to the charity UNCHR and I hope you will join us in supporting such a deserving cause. The magazine is available through blurb here and these are my pages.

All Souls
- ink and water

I see you
- ink & felt tips 

- ink & felt tips



Week two of magic, lets get spooky .... 

- collage & pen

When this season was announced I knew that I wanted to do some pages from the book "Her Fearful Symmetry". It is a novel by Audrey Niffenegger (same author as the time travelers wife) and it touches on themes of death, loneliness and your internal relationship with yourself. It's been a long time since I have read it but there are scenes from the book I think of often, especially when I am thinking about where we go after we die. This page is about being trapped by your own mind. Especially as artists and designers, it is easy to conceal yourself and your ideas by thinking you are not worthy or correct or current. 
I used these magazine cuttings to show this and their shackled in by bars of birds. It is a reminder that breaking free will only ever feel better than being suspended in between.

Dream On, Dreamer
- collage, watercolour & stamps

My only advice for anyone. I am a lucid dreamer which is fascinating and terrifying all at once and I have huge, detailed daydreams and real life dreams, ambitions as well. It really is a little bit of everyday magic - your mind, your imagination and your dreams. 

- ink, bleach, collage & marker pen

Imagine if your inside and your outside were exactly the same. That we could see what your soul looked like and what kind of a person you were. I find the whole notion of outer beauty (and our current modern world fascination with it) such an interesting subject that I think I could fill a whole journal with it's themes. 

You Win Me
- collage & pen

You win me. And all that comes with me; Art, Awe, Exploring and Love.
My sleeping Beauty has balls and is a disheveled modern glitter kinda princess.


This has been the hardest zine to keep a secret. I talk to Karen almost daily so keeping my mouth shut about this has been torture! I wanted to gift a zine to Karen because she worked so hard for get messy on our last season, the season of words. It was Karen's idea to do this season and a lot of the prompts came from her. She worked crazy hard to encourage and inspire all of us during the season and this little zine is a way of us saying thank you to her, for that. 

Front Cover
- collage & pen

It's a zine about vintage so naturally it's called... Zintage ! 

A Zine for Karen
- collage & pen

Fun fact - the rose here is actually a photocopy of a set of earrings I had when I was in university. Strangely I photocopied them during a project about missing things and then of course, lost them!

Your Destiny
- pen, washi tape & collage

I wanted to put some vintage folksy kind of patterns in this zine and the quote here is about past and future all combining together. The lion is your strong future and the pattern is your heritage.

Keep Faith
- collage & felt tip

I couldnt produce a zine about vintage without including a page on womens suffrage. This itself could be a whole zine but that's a whole other subject! 

Past and Future
- collage & pen

Again with the vintage inspired florals! Thinking back I made this zine around the same time as designing wedding invites for my firend with a vintage floral feel so I think the two have overlapped slightly ;)

I love Katies (guessing it is hers?!) Batman to counter act this quote!

Collage Me Crazy
- collage & pen

I meant to put something over the top of this collage (right side) but it looks so happy as a collective collage I decided not to! Whoever has counter collaged on the left has really completed the spread :) 

Art and Heart

My page is the left and I can't figure out who's is on the right!  They compliment each other wonderfully though. My lino cut tarot card for love seems only more fitting in the context of art and heart ♥ 

This zine edition was brought to you by:




This summer I watched Amelie for the first time and to say I was inspired is a massive understatement. I watched the film in around 5 hours because I kept pausing to write down quotes or sketch out scenes. Over the following months I kept adding to the journal and this a sneak peak at my finished result... 

I used a variety of mixed media for this journal / zine and I am really in love with it. I am thinking of selling it and maybe some of the pages as postcard prints (!) And I really want to expand it into a series of film zines. If you have any ideas of what films could make interesting zines, let me know! 
I would totally be up for collaborations as well! (some might already be happening but that's all a secret for now....)



Starting of with a bold statement.
Best. Season Yet.

To be alive
- acrylic & pen

Because sometimes the world is horrible, scary and atrocious.

Magic in my mind
- collage, stencil, pen, acrylic & photoshop

The immediate link I make with magic (after witches and love and the sky) is imagination. I think believing in magic - 
or anything really - only takes a little imagination and I know that I have a lot!


One Day
- ink, acrylic & pen

This is a magical quote of I ever saw one! There's the full moon just hiding in that envelope... 

It's a kind of magic
- collage, ink, acrylic & photoshop

Juliet in a collaged magical art journal world ... 

Dream | Real
- acrylic & marker pen

I had originally cut these letters out of magazine and collaged them on but then decided that I hated how they look. Turns out they were pretty good stencils though! I also wanted this to say Dreams over Reality but I ran out of space! Even though these mishaps happened, 
I still really like the page and it's abstract  Ashley Goldberg style. 

I implore you to check out the rest of the talent in get messy through blogs, instagram wherever and also to sign up and become a messian yourself! At the start of a new season, there's no better time to join up.. and we all need a little magic in our lives ;) 



Keeping these zine secrets is killing me... 

- zine front cover by Katie

This zine is for Sharon. She is an amazingly talented art journaller who has fallen on a rough patch of life this past year. We wanted to dedicate and gift this zine of Bold to remind Sharon that she is an inspiration to us all in the get messy art journalling community. Bold, Brave and Deserving!

Today we have organised a blog hop to show off all of our individual and joint pages for the zine. The contributors for this edition were:
Myself, Katie, Lauren and Vanessa

I'm doing it anyway
- collage & acrylic

I was the last person to receive this zine so my job was to finish off all the blank pages. I was totally overwhelmed by the pages already created that I had a bit of creative block. This was the first page I made, to help ease myself in. Being bold is all about taking chances and diving in head first, even when it's scary and you have no idea what you're doing! 

Mind Over Matter
- collage & pen

I was lucky enough again to share a page with my art journal obsession, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. Her page is on the right, mine the left. I added some florals and hearts to her tiger as well as highlighting the word bold. For my side, I wanted something that complimented the idea of quiet strength. I chose these sparrows and triangles as ordinary shapes and objects that together read as strong and punchy.

Dolly Mix
- felt tips & water

I started this background with the intention of a quote or drawing or collage to go over the top but I loved the simplicity of it too much to tamper with! 
I decided to smudge the right hand side with water, to separate the two pages a little. I think it shows no matter what is put onto you, your true self will always shine through.

- acrylic & pen

The last page was mine to claim and I wanted something pure and BOLD. Yellow acrylic has that kinda feel, don't you think? 

Stay tuned for more secret zines landing soon ..... 



This summer I joined an online group called Artists of Instagram. Once a month we trade pieces with another artist and share what we have received on Instagram. The group is growing and a new element is that our trades now have "themes"

October was Leaves and Warmth

November was Foxes and Fireworks

I'm not sure what I want from this group, initially I thought it would be a good start into selling my work online but I'm not sure if that's a route I necessarily want to take. Designing as my job means that I like my art to be completely and selfishly for me. I don't want to think about commercial appeal or to design things that are on trend or more popular. I like the set up of AOI because you are sharing your art and having people appreciate it without feeling like you're selling your soul or compromising your fun! 
If you are interested in joining, let me know and I'll invite you to the group on Facebook! It is so much fun and I am getting an awesome collection of artwork from amazingly talented people. 



This week we are on a season break in the get messy community so my regular Thursday post is something a little different..

I joined Get Messy in June 2014 and since then the whole concept has grown loads.. and keeps on evolving! 

I thought that this season break would be a nice time to reflect on all the pages I have created so far and to show you some of my favourites...