This has been the hardest zine to keep a secret. I talk to Karen almost daily so keeping my mouth shut about this has been torture! I wanted to gift a zine to Karen because she worked so hard for get messy on our last season, the season of words. It was Karen's idea to do this season and a lot of the prompts came from her. She worked crazy hard to encourage and inspire all of us during the season and this little zine is a way of us saying thank you to her, for that. 

Front Cover
- collage & pen

It's a zine about vintage so naturally it's called... Zintage ! 

A Zine for Karen
- collage & pen

Fun fact - the rose here is actually a photocopy of a set of earrings I had when I was in university. Strangely I photocopied them during a project about missing things and then of course, lost them!

Your Destiny
- pen, washi tape & collage

I wanted to put some vintage folksy kind of patterns in this zine and the quote here is about past and future all combining together. The lion is your strong future and the pattern is your heritage.

Keep Faith
- collage & felt tip

I couldnt produce a zine about vintage without including a page on womens suffrage. This itself could be a whole zine but that's a whole other subject! 

Past and Future
- collage & pen

Again with the vintage inspired florals! Thinking back I made this zine around the same time as designing wedding invites for my firend with a vintage floral feel so I think the two have overlapped slightly ;)

I love Katies (guessing it is hers?!) Batman to counter act this quote!

Collage Me Crazy
- collage & pen

I meant to put something over the top of this collage (right side) but it looks so happy as a collective collage I decided not to! Whoever has counter collaged on the left has really completed the spread :) 

Art and Heart

My page is the left and I can't figure out who's is on the right!  They compliment each other wonderfully though. My lino cut tarot card for love seems only more fitting in the context of art and heart ♥ 

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  1. Zine Squad rules!

    Also, You know I just can't keep my nerdiness out of a zine.

  2. Amazing!!! This is soon cute- love your zine squad :)

  3. that's my flap page! It features a mandala made out of stickers!!! (not my idea but wish it was!) Art + heart xxxx

    1. AH! Now I know, it seems so obvious from the way you cut out the letters!