So this is the end of our season of brave with get messy art journal. I have really enjoyed this season and found it more challenging than the previous (love) which in my eyes can only be a good thing! 

This weeks pages all focus around the idea of reflection and what I (and others) have done in the past, to help my (our) future self. 

- ink, bleach & marker pen

'Sum of all parts'
- collage, marker pen & photoshop

I wanted to make a good, bold, stand out page and this quote came to me as I was collaging the background.
Its meaning is: the idea that the total effectiveness of a group of things each interacting with one another is different or greater than their effectiveness when acting in isolation from one another.
This just made sense to me and the art-journalling community I have found through get messy 

'Take a trip'
- collage, stitch, ink, felt tips & marker pen

These pages are dedicated to me moving away for uni and creating my own career path in design.. onward and upwards I go up that ladder!
Side note: I actually stitched this girl at some point during my degree but could never find a home for her.. until now :)
It's things like this that make my heart happy 

- collage, gouache, marker pen & photoshop

Sometimes art journalling is like therapy, this is one of those times
I incorporated a previous prompt challenge of using a household item for these pages. 
The yellow and white gouache is applied by placing paper over the paint and scoring with a fork, 
to get the lines, that kinda look like a sun beam. 

- collage & photoshop

After reading an article about Tove Jansson's life (creator of the moomins) I wanted to create a page for her.
I liked the layering here, it sits well with the vintage photograph and the eyes signify wisdom.

''It is simply this: do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent—lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It's as simple as that.''

Get Messy will be back for a new season the beginning of June so if you haven't already signed up... give it a go! :D 


So a few weeks back, I announced that I was embarking on a collaboration with the ever inspiring Vanessa Oliver Lloyd. Our zines have now done the air miles and are fully finished collaborated pieces! 

The finished zine! 

Vanessa's theme was 'herstory' and she had filled the zine with oriental papers and images of vintage women. 
I wanted to take this one step further, and being inspired by the recent U.K election,
decided to make the zine into a pro-suffragette and women's rights story.  

Zine layout, page by page 

I included words from a suffragette war-cry anthem and images of modern day women, illustrating that suffrage is not over in the world. 
It's appalling to me that women in certain countries and cultures are treated as second citizens and pretty unbelievable to realise that it was only less 
than 100 years ago that women in Britain couldn't vote! 

- photocopy, felt tip, highlighter, collage & ink 

'Rise up in the thousands'
- photocopy, collage, photoshop, highlighter, ink & felt tips 

- photocopy, collage, photoshop, ink & felt tips

'Isn't history wonderful'
- photocopy, collage, photoshop, highlighter, ink & felt tips

'Hallelujah! Alexa!'
- photocopy, collage, photoshop, ink & felt tips

'The cause goes marching on...'
- photocopy, collage, photoshop, ink & felt tips

- photocopy, collage, photoshop, ink & felt tips

- photocopy, collage, photoshop, ink & felt tips

Head over to Vaneesa's blog to see her creation from my spirit animal zine (it is bold and beautiful!) 
and if you want to know or see more about the project, we both posted an article on the get messy blog.

This has been a great creative experience for me, I feel like it really was the merging of two minds, and when you look at what we both created, it shows. 


So last year, something big and grown up happened to me. I brought a house. This was one of those moments when you can't quite believe whats happening, because... shouldn't a grown up be doing all of this?! Anyway, it was pretty stressful and mature and scary so as an antidote to this, me and my boyfriend (the polar bear) booked a trip to Japan. Obviously. 

Japan - Tokyo - has been on my bucket list for so long! I remember watching Americas next top model when I was about 14 (shout out to Norelle who was my fave) when the contestants went to Tokyo and I just knew it was the place for me. Add to this my undying love of stationary, city life and Studio Ghibli.... I'm pretty sure it will be my own version of Disneyland. 

We fly to Tokyo in ONE WEEK and I am beyond excited / cant believe it's really real. I know people who have been before but thought I would reach out to this little corner of the internet to see if anyone has any tips for flying long haul or visiting Japan?! We are staying in Harajuku with an overnight stop (via bullet train!!!) to Kyoto. 

I have been stalking Tokyo-centered blogs for the past few months, so if you are in a similar position and find yourself here, the following have been my favorite.

wishwishwish - mainly for the imagery! 

the private life of a girl - I'm a big fan of Sophie's blog usually and her descriptions and images of her time in Tokyo are beautiful, simple and inspiring
in the frow - if you want a real-life feel ! Also good for facts, before watching this I didn't realize a lot of onsen's will not let you in if you are tattooed. 
somethingrealserious - Ollyvia will show you the parts of the city that no-on else will. Unexpected billboard beauty? Supermarket noodle selection? The colours, the feel and the tone are all spot on here and I'm kinda obsessed! 

So it's sayonara from me for now.. wish me luck.. 

and check back here and my instagram for updates on the trip! 


The focus of this weeks prompts was using things around the house, that we usually wouldn't use (or think to use!) in our art journalling. It was a fun challenge although I was a little uninspired so I think some of things I used were quite predictable but...  I was happy with my pages! I also plan to have a little stalk around the other get messy girls to see if I can be inspired that way too ;) 

- ink, bleach & stamps

inspired by the general election happening in the U.K right now. 

I often think about other countries where women have less rights and am eternally grateful for the people who died in order for women to have the right to vote in England. 
It wasn't that long ago and I think it should be celebrated more openly. 
'Brave is'
- ink, bleach & pen

Brave is going somewhere no one has ever been before. This is my little shout-out to space... 

a fellow get-messier this week introduced me this website, where you can download any picture taken from the Hubble telescope. 
Space fascinates me and I actually wanted to be an astronaut for years (until i realised how strong the link with science was...) 
Going into space must of been amazing for those first people who did it. I would love to go one day and see our world from a new perspective. 
'Flower Power'
- matches, felt tip & collage
'Floral folk'
- watercolour

As part of the season of brave, I am trying to push my boundaries in the way I art-journal. 

This is perhaps the first page I have ever done that is just a watercolour (with a little bit of text).
The flowers were inspired by a picture I saw a few months ago. It is a house in Poland covered in flowers like this, all painted by the woman who lives there.
For some reason this reminded me of home and I have dedicated this page to my grandma.
She is one of my favourite people on this earth and because I live away, I don't get to see her much.
It breaks my heart but I know it is what is best for me... I like that the flowers are simple, classic and rural.. that's the link to her. 
- collage, watercolour, ink & bleach  


Season of brave week 4!
I'm a little behind on this weeks (actually last weeks) post so when I join the link up, I'll be adding to an already established list of lovely art-journallers! 
If you are reading this, please check out the other crafty girls in our get messy gang... you wont regret it! :D 

Anyway, season of brave, week 4... 

'Clarissa Explains it all'
- collage, watercolour & photoshop

When I was a child, I was bravest in my expression of self through clothes.
My parents used to tease me and call it my refugee look, because of the random outfits I would pull together!
My style icon was Melissa Joan hart, as Clarissa in the Nickelodeon show, Clarissa explains it all. 

There must be fellow fans out there?! I can't be the only 90's kid obsessed with her..!?  
- felt tip, marker pen, collage & photoshop

Sometimes, when I'm doing sketchbook work, I drift off into my own world. It is such a cathartic thing for me to do and my random expressions usually turn out something like this! 
'Head full of dreams'
- spray paint, collage, marker pen & photoshop

Possibly one of my favourite quotes I have stumbled across during this seasons theme.
Something I am holding onto tightly at the moment!

- collage, marker pen & photoshop

A page to honour my new found love of yoga! It was something I never would of thought that I could enjoy, let alone be good at.
Since taking it up last year, I practice a lot and use it as a tool to de-stress and release tension.
I also hold it accountable to the reduction in my migraines.
It was something that scared me.. but I did it... and I feel amazing and fell in love!