We are in our third week of the season of love in the get messy art journal programme, so why not go original with some hearts? 

 - felt tip hearts, repeated out in photoshop

Taylor Swift Mean is my personal anthem to my old boyfriend when I was 19.. Ah young love. The collage on the right shows how broadening your horizons, growing up and seeing the world can really help you look at the people in your life and how you let them treat you. For me this happened when I went to University and the knowledge I gained there really was empowering. 

And now I do live in a big old city. Thank you, Taylor!

- collage, pen, water, felt tip and photoshop

- felt tip hearts in my mini sketchbook 

To happier events.. I really enjoyed drawing the cartoons for an earlier prompt in the season of love and brought that style back this week with a little love list for my boyfriend Mark :) 

- all felt tip and photoshop

search for #getmessyartjournal across social media to see the other participants work this week and have a look at the get messy blog too! 


The season of love continues in the get messy programme and this week my pages are based around who/what love.. with a healthy dose of sewing involved! 

Pretty impressed with my anatomical heart for this LOVE page. I also really enjoy the cute cupcakes mixed in with the expressive and kinda gory heart veins.. this kind of clashing and macabre spirit is what I live for! 

- collage & marker pen 

I made a '100 loves' list in my small pocket sketchbook which I carried around with me at the beginning of this week and filled in when inspiration hit. I then scanned this in, added a dotted pattern to it and proceeded to spend 40 minutes of my life drawing stripes around it (loving every minute)

- collage, marker pen & watercolour

- collage, stitch, watercolour, felt tip & marker pen 

- collage, watercolour & stitch 

Almost all of my imagery for these pages came from my collection which dates back to around 2004 (!) The image below is from an interview for the film paper heart (it has awful reviews but I adored it when I was a student) although I dont remeber Nick from new girl being in it ?! The napkin on the right hand side I have kept for so long I dont even know it's origins but I'm sure I kept it for the penguin ;) I used inks on the next page and it soaked through the napkin. This gives a lovely organic feel to the page which helps out the PAPER HEART shouty text!

- collage, stitch, felt tip & marker pen 

- watercolour, collage, stitch & felt tip


Get Messy is back and better than before! We are currently in a season all about love and these are my first pages.  

Love isn't all sunshine and lollipops, growing up with someone who struggles with addiction is a hard love to give .. and to receive. 

- collage, highlighter, ink & stencil 

- collage, highlighter, ink & stencil 

I have shared images of my grandparents before and their wedding, 60 years ago. 
It's a love that I admire and have been nourished by in my own life. 
I added the script here in watercolour, which is a conversation I had with my grandma about how she and my granddad got engaged <3 

- collage, watercolour & washi

I then created a second collage using the images in a mini sketchbook (my new love in my stationary life) 


Cartoon time... ! I created little 'emotions' for different types of love and may or may not of been inspired by a certain ikea pillow .. ;)

 - oil pastel & CAD (back to my mini sketchbook- it's true love!

- oil pastel, watercolour & CAD

- oil pastel, watercolour & CAD

If you're interested in get messy check out the blog, or want to see everyone elses amazing work, we post every Friday, every week so look for the #getmessyartjournal & #getmessyprompts on social media! 


Am I a little late to this trend? 

Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल Maṇḍala, 'circle') is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point.

This weekend I wanted to art journal but wasn't sure what to do but found that drawing these mandalas over and over again was surprisingly therapeutic. And a pretty awesome effect if you want to fill a page ! 

- gouache, collage & marker pen 

- gouache, collage & marker pen 

- watercolour & marker pen 

Boyfriend to me as I am drawing these pages: 

" what are those little things? they look like what a grandma has at home"