Week 5!

All of my pages this week are made from either existing things I have cobbled together differently or pages I had started but never finished. I also have a strong female presence in these pages which I am seeing as my totem for this season - I put my wish for serenity into them.

That Moment When
- collage, washi tape, acrylic & marker pen

I wanted to document my number one serene moment. 
In bed, when you turn off all the lights and it's silent, cool, calm and you're about to drift off. I suffer from migraines and my love for this little piece of the day came after I was having a really bad time with them. Thankfully they seem to have lifted now but I still relish that tiny moment, every night. I used the acrylic to paint over the chaos of the collage to reflect this feeling of drifting and peace. 

Sea Serenity
- collage & felt tips

The ocean, the sea, salt water and waves. 
I've been holding onto this magazine illustration for ages and it seemed only right to put it into the season of serenity.

She May Be Little
- photoshop & felt tips

During the season of love, I created this felt tip rainbow around the Shakespeare quote "though she may be little, she is fierce" and felt it would perfectly fit into my drawing of this meditating girl. Meditation is something I struggle with (I am a keen yogi, after discovering how much it helped my aforementioned migraines!) I want to be able to drift off, be peaceful and still... sometimes I get it but mostly, I struggle. I wanted to create a piece that would help me persevere more so the aim is to be this Yogi girl. With rainbows and positivity flowing out of her! 

- magazine, highlighter & marker pen

Now, this isn't a get messy page but it (and the next one) just seemed to fit so nicely with my get messy pages this week, i thought why not include them in this post? I regularly take part in Courtney Pilgrims Make Your Mark monthly instagram challenge and this was from day 24 this month. I love a good magazine doodle and like the idea of the girl in this image shaking out all her toxins and negativity. In a way, an antidote to the positive Yogi above! 
Bad stuff out - good stuff in.

- photoshop & oil pastel 

Another make your mark August submission. This is one of my favorite digital pieces I have created in a long while. The background is created from scanned in oil pastel and the top is just a black photoshop layer and the eraser tool. Again, I just felt it sat cohesively with the season of serenity and would also like to urge anyone who is interested in daily doodle / art challenges to check Courtney's profile out! This month is extra special because it is in partnership with 
blue sky papers (dreamy sketchbooks) and at the end, a winner will be chosen to receive a free blue sky art journal... so here's hoping it's me! ;)

There are a whole host of us get messians dedicated to posting weekly, every Thursday. to see everyone elses pages, head over to the blog where we are all listed :) 


I'm really enjoying Collage Club. It's pretty laid back and you have the whole month to gather ephemera and thoughts about your creations. This is my third month in the program and the theme for August was black and white. I originally thought this would be difficult for me because I'm pretty colourful in my work but once I got around to collecting items to scan - I found a huge host of monochromatic joy! 
True to form, I created all of my collages in Photoshop - I enjoy the challenge of using digital and am trying to better my collages with each month. 
Everything I made for this theme has a sort of teenage, childhood angst feel to it. I don't know if it's because I am always reminded of those days most in summer or if it was just the images I found... but they look as if they are from some melancholic coming of age film. Which I really like ! 

Play Safe 
- photoshop

Remember having to come home from playing out before it got dark because that's when bad things happen? 
These birds are my angles of doom, waiting for the flower moon to come up full force so they can act out terrible events.. 

Candy Pier
- photoshop and monoprint 

I grew up next to the seaside and know all too well the feeling of a touristic place winding down after the summer. 
It's a little too cold, you're a little too young and everything is a little too serious.

Can You / You Can 
- photoshop

Break away, be yourself, confront your fears, not turn into your parents etc, etc.
I don't know why Kaya Scodelario became the poster girl for my collages this month, I guess she has that perfect angst-girl vibe (anyone else a fan of skins??) as well as all my images of her were black and white! I like this predictable growing up and rebelling image a lot. I can relate so hard. Even though I'm 27 I think I'll always have rebellious streak inside of me. 

Thanks for looking through and reading about my work for this months collage club. Join up if you're interested via the facebook group and come collage with us! I promise not everyone's work is as deep and dark as my own ;)

I also just found out that we have a group Pinterest board so if you want to see what the rest of the club are creating, give it a look! 


If you're not signed up to get messy, here's something you probably don't know. Each week a tutorial is shared on the blog for all members to see. 
This week, the tutorial centred around mood boards. 

I absolutely love creating mood boards, they were always my starting point for student projects and are actually quite a large part of my job but I haven't yet used them in my art journalling. Except if you count Pinterest ;)

I used this latest tutorial as a spring board to try a new technique I have seen around for a while but not yet tried my hand at. I call it "blocked out silhouette text" but am pretty confident a proper term for this exists!

I collected my mood board images from my good friend Pinterest and assembled them in an order that would be useful for me as I was creating my page. 
I put the main "aim" in the middle and then background ideas, text, fonts and colours around this. 

- chill out page by Tanyalee (chosen for the background watercolour effect)
- Rabbit by Rob Mc Clelland (This is the technique I want to try)
- Venuzaela houses from Pinterest (colour inspiration) 
- Storms envelope from Pinterest (Vintage Inspired)
- Vintage Postcard from flickr (Vintage Inspired)

And then it was time to create my page from these inspirations!

Give Freedom
- ink & photoshop

I'm really happy with my end result and even more impressed with how quickly I was able to do it. I think that creating the board before hand gave me a clear direction. This is predominately a Photoshop page but the background is from two previous art journal pages using ink, layered together. Writing inside of the birds was a challenge especially as I was using a tablet and needed to find a good pen replica... I think with more time I could concentrate on the writing and create text that nestles into the silhouette rather than the repeated scribble I have gone for here. Something to try out in the future! 

I think this might become a tried and tested form of digital journalling for me.. 


We have hit the month mark in the season of serenity! 
Lets dive in... 

Loudness Quiets
- watercolour, ink, felt tip & stamps

This is from a quote I heard while watching the youtube video Letters to July. I love you tube to have as general background noise and senseless viewing among other things but the videos produced by Emily Diana Ruth are on another level and I find them so inspiring. This months video was guest created by Essie Button and it was this particular segment from it that really spoke to me and the season we are in currently. 

- acrylic, ink & collage 

This week I discovered a new technique and I love it. It's something that Caylee shared with the get messy community a while ago and I only just got around to trying it out. Mainly due to my lack of paint (I made my own colours here using white acrylic and coloured inks) rather than interest! 
The technique, that I have recently learned is called pallette painting, is a really cool way to create abstract patterns. 
You basically scoop some paint onto an old credit card and then drag it across your page. It creates a thin layer and can be quickly applied and repeated. I liked the effect I got from mine as well because they weren't properly mixed paints, you get a nice ombre within each swipe. I then collaged over the top of this pattern. I don't really know where my mind was at when I made this but I kinda like it. 

- watercolour

It is so rare that I create a page using only one medium but this one is 100% watercolour. I am also quite impressed with my roses. 
My drawing since starting the get messy program has improved hugely and I love my growing confidence in it. 
This page is in response to the flower duet piece of music. I googled the lyrics and found this part about roses entwined together quite poignant. Roses and the smell of rose always make me think of my mum as it is her favorite flower and I liked the connection that we are entwined together as mother and daughter. Sometimes in a thorny, suffocating relationship but ultimately to hold onto one another and to grow independently of the bond.


This week for Get Messy we were asked to trawl the internet in search of art journal inspiration.
I found some absolute amazing pieces through the Get Messy Pinterest and have linked them all below, alongside the pages I created. 

Heavenly Way To Die
- watercolour, ink & pen 

Inspired by Sara's page from earlier on in this season - I love the splash of colour within a monochromatic background. 
I am usually all colour or all neutral so I enjoyed this new pace for me. 
I teamed the layout with a lyric from the Smiths. I thought it was a cool choice for our season of serenity. 
It's leaning on the macabre side of comfort, lust and faith which i am all about. 

Yellow Words
- tea stain, gouache, ink & collage 

I was looking on tumblr for 500 days of summer quotes, after completing the page above - because I am that cool. I wanted something to put around my little fierce me, a photo taken when I was in Kyoto and feeling pretty on top of the world. The quote I found and thought was incredibly fitting is about how we rely on other peoples words and feelings to describe ourselves and our situations, rather than thinking of something original. In the film the context is from greeting cards but I think it is even more fitting in our daily society. Why bother to think of something new when you can google away until you find the right one? Minimum effort for maximum reward, right? Even my searching on tumblr, to find this quote about stupid stranger quotes... it all fits in. 

Oh - and this page was inspired by Get Messy Creative Team member, Nina

Just A Girl
- gouache, collage, washi tape & marker pen

It's only now as I am writing it out that I am thinking I was feeling pretty angsty this week! These pages are an extension of the above, using the yellow highlight like Nina and again, using song lyrics to convey my feeling. I was obsessed with No Doubt when I was little - and I mean around 8-9 years old. I thought Gwen Stefani was the coolest person on the planet and modeled myself on her and her music videos. Looking back i don't know if this was a bit weird as all my friends were really into boy bands but she wrote pretty feminist lyrics so I'm sure it can only be a good thing ?! I wanted to put the ultra-girly cupcakes, pinks and florals as the background to emphasize the point of "Don't you think I know exactly who I am / This world is wanting me to hold your hand" 
Social pressures on women etc... !!!!

- watercolour, collage, stencil & marker pen

Oh stencil, how i have missed you. I remember in university when my tutor banned me from using stencils because I relied on them so much. 
It was a tough time but definitely pushed my boundaries! Anyway, the love is still there and sometimes you just gotta say it in stencil. 
This is my mission statement to the world. I am here to be bright, colorful and to colour outside of the lines. 
To think differently and to be unapologetically myself. Whilst designing good things. 

This page was inspired by the awesome Lauren. I have an art-journaller crush on her style so bad. 


This weeks creative challenge (and monthly milestone!) for Find Your Voice was to think about your story and your autobiography, as it were. 

Art + Me
- collage, ink & marker pen

This is the intro into my life. A true love story between me and art. Art saved me and art gives me purpose. I know this sounds dramatic but it's true!

 Your Vibe
-  watercolour, stamps & fine liner

A continuation on my theme of creativity. Connecting with like minded people and joining creative communities really makes me happy and in a way, feel less weird. I have found my tribe within get messy as well as all my friends IRL and that gives me purpose and happiness and joy! 

It's what you don't do
- collage, washi tape, watercolour & marker pen

These words are from Lianne La Havas' new song which I am obsessed with. I was playing it the other day at home and Mark said to me; 
is this a song about you and me? Yup.  

- collage, washi tape, felt tips, stencil & fine liner

Good love is healthy, happy and enhances us as people. 

- collage & pen

When I was in high school I was really good at cross country / long distance running. I was in competitions and was enforced to run as much as possible. 
I was constantly told how natural my talent was because I hardly ever trained but could perform well and consistently. Fast forward ten years and I am shit. 
I still have quite good stamina and I can always pull a sprint finish out but I am constantly surprised how bad I have become! One of my bucket list items is to run a marathon but I will actually need to train for that and it just doesn't add up in my mind. Sometimes I wish I had taken it all more seriously at the time but I found it so dull and boring I'm also glad I didn't ! 

- watercolour & pen

As a child, I was taken to the Natural History Museum by my parents to try and show me that dinosaurs were in fact real. I thought they were like fairies and goblins and monsters - fun for stories but made up. My visit to the museum didn't help much as I wasn't convinced. Even now, I struggle a bit.. 
because - where did they go?! Why were they so big and then everything now is so small?! I like the mystery of never really knowing or understanding and I like to learn more about archaeology and paleontology to help improve my knowledge and understanding. 



Week two of get messy season of serenity has got me all nostalgic... 

Take Me Outside
- Photoshop & collage 

I have spoken before about my undying love for my grandparents garden. It's the place I remember vividly and fondly as a child. Running around, building forts with my brother, picking fruit, sneaking off with the cats... I honestly had idyllic childhood summers there. It's a place where nothing bad happens and there's always something to see, find and do. Even now, when I visit my grandparents they take me on little walks around the garden to show me the flowers, wildlife (hedgehogs, pheasants, cats, birds) and produce. This simple line drawing in Photoshop conveys that feeling of change, growth and jungle that I feel when I am there. I layered a photograph of the garden with dictionary pages to draw over. I then printed this out and collaged on the birds and scraps of paper. 
These two latter things came in the mail for me last week from Caylee as part of our Get Messy Craft Swap and I couldn't resist using them! 
I think they add an extra element and I am always fond of mixing traditional art techniques with digital. 

Lets Play
- collage & marker pen 

There's something about childhood wonder and the way imagination is your key to everything. 
I used to get told of constantly at school for "staring out of windows" but I have always found the make-believe world to be so much more fascinating then our own. Daydreaming and creating crazy stories is something I have carried through into adulthood and for sure helps me maintain my creativity! No matter how often I am told to try and be more present, I always slip back into my imagination. It's something that makes me feel happy, secure and serene. 
Again, I delved into my little craft swap haul and used the tissue paper animals that Karen had sent to me ^_^

Colour Me Happy
- collage, ink & washi tape 

This page is again about imagination. I think if you could see people properly, you wouldn't see superficial features but you would see their souls and auras. 
I think I would look like this - alive and bright and full of colour! 

This season has taken me to places in my mind and has me creating pages I didn't expect. At first, it seemed a daunting title for a season but I think I'm finding my groove and am realising that MY serenity is as unique as the rest of me. 


I have something so exciting to share today. I have been working on a secret collaborative zine with a couple of my friends from Get Messy (!!!!) 
This project sparked from our mutual love and fascination with space and art journalling. I think one of my favourite parts of being in such a creative community like Get Messy is the way ideas flow, grow and can be connected. We wanted to keep this zine a secret until we had completed all of our pages and until it arrived safely in the hands of it's keeper - Caylee
Caylee is one of the founders of Get Messy Art Journal and we wanted to celebrate how much we love the programme the only way we know how! 
The other founder of Get Messy, Lauren, will have a little something on the way to her shortly and I'll share that here and on instagram once it is ready! 

Vanessa's front cover for the zine 

My partners in crime for this project were Vanessa (queen of zines) and Katie (the best drawer I know) 
They are both sharing there pages on their blogs today so to get an idea of the complete zine, make sure to check them out !

Look Up
- washi tape, marker pen, felt tip, ink & gouache

After seeing this GIF, I knew I wanted to emulate it in some way. I love this page as it is quite simple for my style but is very effective. It makes me think of our view from earth and how looking up at the moon and stars can put everything in perspective. It is such a calming and humbling thing, to think of yourself in the grand scheme of the universe. 

Patterns in our skies
- spray paint, ink, marker pen & silver pen

One of my favourite 'techniques' is layering spray paint and ink. This kind of abstract style is what I live for - it just pours out of me so naturally. 
I created the background in one block piece and then tore it up and collaged it back into the zine. I then added our solar system planets (although these may or may not be accurate...) and the quote about patterns and the way we view things. I often think how cool it would be to see through someone else's eyes and understand that I have - like most creative people - quite a unique way of viewing the world! 

Shine for YOU
- pen, ink, bleach & collage

Ink and bleach. A coldplay quote. rough textures. 
When we started the zine, this is the page I had in my mind from the very beginning. It's natural, bright and galactic. 
Even though it has a bit of nothingness to it, seeing it makes my heart happy.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pages as it's something a little different from me. 
I'm so excited to share our next zine - it's killing me to keep these kind of secrets !!!!